Tour Guide Bio


Patrick T. Wark

Born and raised right here on Aquidneck Island, Patrick’s great grandparents left the southern shores of Ireland for those of Newport during the 1800s. An enthusiastic lover of history and culture, Patrick has traveled to over thirty different countries, and has lived in six of them. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and holds a masters degree in Sinology. However, like the bourgeoisie of America’s Gilded Age, the charm of Newport and Aquidneck island has always drawn Patrick back to his roots, where he continues to sink his teeth into the local history. When not offering historic tours of Newport, Patrick works as a teacher and a commissioned portrait painter.

Gregg Morrow

Gregg Morrow

A world traveler and avid history buff, Gregg Morrow is a longtime resident of the East Bay.  He's been coming to Newport since he was a boy and remembers walking Newport's Cliff Walk back when it really was more of a Cliff Scramble!  A former Foreign Service Officer (Poland, Zimbabwe, Washington, D.C.) and metal stamping plant owner, he is a dedicated hiker, skier, body surfer, and enjoys long urban rambles with friends in Boston and New York City.  He's familiar with the history of Newport and its surrounding locality, not only during colonial times and the Gilded Age, but also through its many years as a prominent Navy base and what it has evolved into in the current day.  Personable and engaging, Gregg truly enjoys interacting with the diverse visitors he meets through Historic Tours of Newport and looks forward to sharing some of his knowledge of the area with you.